Hi Aspiring Importer and Exporter

I’m Lance Scoular – “The Savvy Navigator”

I’m best known as a “global business strategist” and most respected for my ability to train people in the skills of Importing and Exporting.

This didn’t just start with me it actually started with my dad who worked in shipping and exporting for over 50 years.

At the completion of high school, my first job was with a “customs and shipping agency” near the dock areas of Sydney Harbour.

I then chose a new career in customs and purchasing working with my first American multinational, 3M. After a few years at 3M, I went to another American Multinational Manufacturer, “Baxter Healthcare” where I was responsible for the import and export functions of the company. It is with these two companies that I really got to understand the USA market place. It really is one of my specialities….

Having completed management studies and obtaining my customs brokers license, I felt it was time to take on a new adventure and start my own business (with my wonderful wife Sandie) as a customs and forwarding broker.

The next 18 years were spent servicing the needs of a wide variety importers and exporters as well as merging two companies and developing my now world renowned “import and export members only training”.

In this time I also wrote a book called “Exporters and Importers – Survive and Prosper”

Following the success of my book, which incidentally sold out and is now out of print, I was contracted by the Federation of International Forwarders Association, to develop a course on “Sea Freight Procedures” for the Freight Forwarding Industry and I presented this Internationally for over five years.

There is a lot more I could tell you but I just wanted to let you know, that I know what I am talking about, when it comes to importing and exporting. This has not only been my passion but the passion of my family so you can say that it is in my blood and I want you to be inspired with the same passion that I have for this incredible business that has served me so well over the years…

I would love to be your coach and trainer so if you are ready to get started, then I am here ready and willing to help you..

I look forward to seeing you in the members area


Lance Scoular