What to Export from Your Country

What to Export from Your Country

There are hundreds of manufacturers, many of them within just a few miles of your home, who have no idea how to tap into the potential profits of a global marketplace without the help of an export business. When it comes to deciding what to export, the options are virtually limitless. The information below will help you choose the best products to maximize your profits.

Consider Your Interests

One of the best ways to decide what to export is to look for products that interest you. If you’re an avid golf player, an innovative golf ball or the latest iron may be a good choice; a parent may choose to export handmade wooden toys; food and beverage products are popular choices for many first-time exporters. Exporting merchandise that you would personally own or use can give you an advantage when it comes to operating and marketing your export business. It is easier to work with a product that you already enjoy and appreciate.

Explore the Profit Potential

The reason export businesses are so lucrative is because of the profit potential that most manufactured products possess. While deciding what to export, compare the wholesale prices of various products that interest you with their domestic retail price. Many items carry profit margins of well over 600% so making money can be quick and easy if you know what to export and how to go about doing it. Remember however – just because a product has excellent profit potential, it may not necessarily be a worthwhile export.

Find a Market

It’s good to have a general idea of what to export, but before you set your sights on a particular product, you will need to decide where to export it. Finding an open, accessible market first will make it much easier to decide what to export. Think about one or two broad product categories that appeal to you, and then use those to conduct extensive market research before narrowing it down to a single item. Determine the level of competition in the market, the average price of similar goods, and recent growth trends the market has experienced.

Decide What to Export Based on Market Research

The most profitable export business owners look for their markets before they decide what to export. Based on the information discovered in a quick market analysis – competition, profit potential, growth expectancy, etc. – you can conduct more in-depth research to narrow down your options. Look at the country’s import regulations, tariffs that may be in place, and the demographics of the targeted market, and then choose the destination that appears to have the best potential; then decide what to export to maximize that potential.

Determining what to export is one of the most important decisions you will make when you start your export business. More important than what to export, however, is deciding which markets will offer the most profitable opportunities. With the right market, it doesn’t matter what you export; you can always make a healthy profit.


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