I’m From the USA so is this product good for me? ….

Yes, absolutely, this product is about global trading which means that it is designed for people trading from any country in the world. You will soon learn that the rules of importing and exporging are governed on a global level…. Otherwise how would people be able to trade with each other in a simple and predictable way. Each country will have specific boarder requirements and we have a specific section in our course for the USA so you are totally covered….

Can I really make money quickly with Importing and Exporting?

Yes it is possible and it is done often…..

As an example one or our students imports plastic party toys from China and the margins on these products can range from 100% -2000%. A 2000% margin means buying products for $1 and selling them for $20……. You do the math on this .. All you need to do is find the market or create your own market and the margins will do the rest.


Can I loose money with Importing and Exporting?

Yes, no matter what you do there is the potential for lose but if you follow the guidelines that are laid out in our members area you will minimize this risk to virtually zero…

Will you help me after I finish the training?

Yes, being a part of our Private Members Area you will get direct access to me and my team. Any question you have just let us know and I will answer it to the best of my ability. If I don’t know the answer directly I will get the answer for you.

Do you understand the USA market?

Yes, I understand the USA market very well and can help you with any of your questions about it.

Can I really start my business with little or no money?

Yes, you can !!! …..Just think about it … Is every product in the world already available in every other country in the world? The answer is obviously no, which means that there is always the potential to bring new products into other countries that don’t exist there (let alone just competing with existing products) Your job is just to find the gap in the market and fill it….. If you find a manufacturer that has a great product and you offer to sell that product for the manufacturer in a non competing country do you think they would be happy for you to do that… The answer if obviously yes…. Then you just need to find an established market for that product and collect your agreed upon percentage for creating the deal…. This is a win win situation and everyone is happy. Once you understand the process a world of possibilities will open for you…. The key is to understand the process and to get it right….. So after you understand what you are doing how much will it cost you to do the research if you already have a computer and skype? What are you waiting for ?