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You have to realize I didn’t start off making a fortune in import and export as most people think ….

My story is probably very similar to yours in many ways.
The first few years of working life were as a customs agent in a Sydney shipping yard.

Every couple of years moving from job to job helping big companies make lots of
money. You know the story……

It doesn’t take you long to realize that if your ever going to make serious money in life you are going to have to start a business for yourself !

Just like you I tried many different opportunities and they all led to the same dead-end of failure.

Every time I tried something new I had the same problems

To be honest, without a mentor I was just stumbling about in the dark! Having spent all my money I went back to work totally depressed and feeling like an abject failure.

We all want to be successful in business and I just like you knew that it was possible! I mean all these big companies started somewhere right?

 A few days back into full time employment and I had had enough!

I decided I HAD TO FIND a mentor…… This was the missing piece of the puzzle….. I had the motivation and the drive but just keep making silly mistakes that always take me back to square one.

It took me 3 months but after searching and begging I finally found someone that would mentor me and help to keep me on track….. They didn’t do the work for me but they just gave me the pieces of the puzzle that were missing so I could start moving in the right direction.

From this Mentoring I Started creating this blueprint that I’m giving to YOU.

Please don’t take this lightly what you have in-front of you. It is a colmination of 40 years of my work and experience and it’s my chance to give back what was giving to me from my mentor. None of what I have achieve would have come about without them……

Here’s a list of some of the things you will get when you take me as your mentor…

  • 10 hours of blueprint video footage showing you the system that has made me a fortune!
  • My 260 page Step-by-step guide to making money in the import/export business
  • How to make money quickly with importing and exporting
  • My personal sourcing strategies to get products at way under wholesale prices
  • How to discover markets that are begging to be filled with little to no competition
  • How toknow that the product you choose is going to be a winner
  • My strategic formula fornegotiating the best deals every-time
  • The7 key steps you need to implement to make your business a true success
  • How toavoid the mistakes on your website that 99% of people make
  • My “Castle Strategy” that protects your shipments 100% of the time against damage or delays
  • How to Create simplebusiness stationary that make you look like a professional company
  • How toprofit from currency variations
  • How to sell to the USA Military and make huge profits very quickly
  • You will also get direct access to me as your Personal Coach

From the list above, the most valuable item it the mentoring will get from me…………..

I love helping people succeed and nothing puts a smile on my face more than see people like you start to make the money you should be making and going on to lead the life of your dreams. You deserve a wonderful life and that is what I’m goig to help you to get ……..

“Lance’s Course is the complete package when it comes to importing and exporting.  The  video, audio and written word training suit all learning styles.  The video training is very well structured and if we only could of asked questions it would have been like being there.  I think  anyone who is serious about learning the benefits and pitfalls of importing/exporting will find the program of great value….”
Thomas Roman, Florida USA


“The Import Export Home Study program is fantastic and I highly recommend it. I thought Import Export was difficult but after doing the training I discovered that it is actually really easy. Lance and his team have helped guide me to my success and I really appreciate the chance to be able to work with them. Can’t thank you enough….”
Paul Wishard Toronto Ontario CANADA

Successful people like Warren Buffet will tell you that mentors played a big part in their success and I am giving you that same opportunity to have your own personal mentor to work along side you.

I hope you appreciate what this will mean to your chances of success.

There will come a time when I can’t offer this any longer so take advantage of it now while it is still available…….

If you don’t join now you may miss the opportunity to work with me 1 to 1 to build your import export business.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to work with me personally! I am going to show you how to build your business in the fastest possible time…

With the Core Product You’ll Learn

  • How successful importers and exporter make money so easily!
  • My personal sourcing strategies to get products way under wholesale prices
  • How to make money quickly with importing and exporting
  • How to discover markets that are begging to be filled with little to no competition
  • How to know that the product you choose is going to be a winner
  • My strategic formula for negotiating the best deals every-time
  • The 7 key steps you must implement to make your business a true success
  • How to avoid the mistakes on your website that 99% of people make
  • My “Castle Strategy” that protects your shipments 100% of the time against damage or delays
  • How to Create simple business stationary that make you look like a professional company
  • How to profit from currency variations
  • How to sell to the USA Military and make huge profits very quickly
  • You will also get direct access to me as your Personal Coach


I want to make sure you have all the tools you need not only to get started but to give you everything you need no matter what direction you go with your import export business.  That is why I have included a huge set of very valuable bonuses. These bonuses are going to really make this program absolutely complete which means you will never need any other training material in the future.

Bonus #1

Exclusing 1 on 1 Mentoring with Lance Scoular (Value $1000)

This is the most valuable bonus in the complete training.

From all my years of experience and helping people succeed this is the magic sauce. This is

what gues everything together and creates the success you are looking for.

If you think you can do this on your own I truely wish you luck as that is what you will need. Remember all great people have had mentors at some time in their life and most continue to have them.

This alone is worth 10 time the value of the cost of the complete training so take adantage while I’m still offering it as it want be available for ever.


Bonus #2

Fast Sales and Marketing Techniques (Value $197)

Marketing is a crucial aspect of Importing and Exporting 

Just as it is in all businesses. In this guide you are going to learn how to master the art of marketing your products and your self.

Once you understand how to do this you will be able to open many doors of possibility that would have otherwise been impossible to do.

This is an essential guide not just for anyone that is serious about getting into importing and exporting.

This is an essential guide for any business owner

Bonus #3

The Secret To Licensing Products

(Value $47)

This gives you unique access to the “Millionaire Maker” Mal Emery. 

This guide will give you a step-by-step guide to acquiring product licenses that are going to make you a fortune without ever having to touch the product!

If you find a great product and you can determine how to buy the licensing rights you can then in essence sell it as your own product which means you make all the profit.

Following his tips has created drastic increases in profits!


Bonus #4

Start Profiting Fast

(Value $47)

The fast Start Guide is a unique audio guide that takes you through the steps necessary to get you running fast!

We all know about the 80/20 rule but the question is which 20% of the work is going to give me 80% of the rewards so I can profit quickly.

This guide will get you moving in the right direction do the right things right from the start.

It is a great procrastination de-blocker when you can break your tasks down into simple jobs.

Bonus #5

How To Eliminate All Risk

(Value $47)

In every business there are certain aspects of risk that must be considered.

Making sure you protect your income and assets is just smart business practice!

I take you through everything you need to know to make sure you keep all the money you make!

This is my personal strategy called the “Castle Strategy” that lays out in simple steps what you need to do to protect you business from any unwanted events.

Bonus #6

Finding Worldwide Success

(Value $47)

Seeing what others are doing is an incredibly powerful training tool. 

In this audio interview Aaron Williams, one of the biggest global successes in the last 5 years, takes you through easy to follow steps on how he found a unique product and how he developed international markets to arrive on the wold stage !

By following Aarons example you will find somegems of information that you will be able to implement in your own business.

Bonus #7

Big Profits on eBay

(Value $297)

Fortunes are made on eBay on a daily basis and the market is growing in double digits.

You should be using eBay to test products and  to generate leads.

Following this guide you can be up and running with a profitable seller account overnight.

These instructional videos are incredible easy to follow and take you  by the hand in doing all aspects of setting up and running a successful ebay business.

If you already have an eBay business knowing how to import cost effectively will add several hundred percent in profits to you eBay business.

Bonus #8

USA Importing Guide

(Value $97)

The one thing that changes slightly with every country around the world is their border control regulations.

As the USA is one of the world’s largest importers we have compiled an audio that explains what you need to be aware of when importing products into the USA.

Even though we specifically talk about USA border regulations, by understand the process here  you will have the basis of knowledge that will help you  importing to any other country.

This audio removes any complications and shows you how to import any product into the USA  problem free!

Bonus #9

Exporting Military Defense Articles

(Value $97)

How Big is the USA Military?

Crack this and you will eat 5 star for the rest of your life.

The USA military has basses on over 130 countries around the world and hundreds of thousands of military personnel manning these bases.

The USA Military is an enormous business and lucrative contracts have fast tracked many people to millions in a very short period of time.

You will learn how to tap into this lucrative market and you will discover that Military Artilces are more than just guns and things that go bang.

Bonus #10

Surprise Video Bonus

(Value $97)

What would a list of bonuses be without asurprise bonus?

This Bonus is a Series of Instructional Videos that’ll  show you how to save an enormous amaount of time and also help you to discover things that you didn’t even know existed in your chosen market.

They’re a valuable asset to anyone that’s starting in Importing and Exporting and I know you’ll agree that they’re an essential part of the program.

But that is enough for know or I will spoil the surpise….. 

I know you will like them …..



Here is a list of some of the things you’ll be able to do with a successful import export business….

  • Personal Freedom – You will no longer be at the mercy of your boss, your time will be your own and you can do what you want with it!
  • Spend more time with your family! Take those holidays you always wanted to go on. Whatever you want, the experience of true freedom is a breath of fresh air that few get to experience!
  • Unlimited Earnings – There is no limit to how much you can earn. Just walk into any shop and look at the shelves, they are full of imported products and someone like you helped to import them…
  • Be part of a business that grows every year even in recessions.
  • Have a Dream Lifestyle – Just as you’ve seen in those photos in success magazines ?
  • Being able to run your importing and exporting business from anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop!
  • Being able to go skiing, visit the beach, take your family to other countries as and when you want ?No longer controled by a boss.
  • Make Thousands Overnight with Simple And Effective Strategies that you would have never thought of.
  • No matter your age, sex, education, background or nationality you can still do the import export business.
  • You will discover that you need Virtually No Start-Up capital and yet you can still make vast profits 
  • You’ll be able to leverage the money of other companies and benifit from it personally. A world of possibilities will open to you!
  • You will be able to take company paid holidays overseas as you reseach new suppliers.
  • You can pass this business on to your children to create a family history of success!
  • Huge Profit Margins will be a part of your thinking Top importers and exportersregularly make profits of 200% and even up to %1000 on particular items. Imagine importing something for $50 and selling it for $250!
  • You income potentail becomes literally unlimited…

The import/export business is one of  the only businesses to be in if you want to make a lot of money safely and quickly.

Importing is a big business these days-to the tune of an annual $1.2 trillion each year and growing, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Exporting is just as big. In one year alone, American companies exported $772 billion in merchandise to more than 150 foreign countries.”

From the leading Entrepreneur Magazine at


Our 365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

When you realize how easy it is to set-up your own import and export business you will be blown away and kick yourself for not getting started earlier! 

However, if you decide it is not for you, don’t worry. I offer a complete 100% money back guarantee.




Remember you will have full unlimited access to me to guide you through the whole process.

If you are serious about your future then I a serious about helping you to achieve the life that you dream of and not the life that is dreamed up for you by your boss. This is no way to live and you and your family deserve more. So take what is rightfully yours and that is success…..


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- The Ultimate, Complete Training Manual $297.00
- 10 Hours of Insider Instructional Training Videos $497.00
- Bonus 1: Personal 1 on 1 Consulting with Lance  $1000.00
- Bonus 2: Building Wealth Through Licensing $47.00
- Bonus 3: Marketing You and Your Business $197.00
- Bonus 4: Getting Started Right Audio $47.00
- Bonus 5: Risk Minimization Audio $47.00
- Bonus 6: Case Study Interview Aaron $47.00
- Bonus 7: Ebay Instructional Training Videos $297.00
- Bonus 8: USA Boarder Control Regulations $97.00
- Bonus 9: How to Sell To The USA Military $97.00
- Bonus 10: Suprise Instruction Video Series $97.00
Total Value ……

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I can only take on a limited number of students. So if you are serious about wanting to change your life then make sure you jump before this offer closes!

To Your Success,


P.S. P.S. Remember once you join you will get unlimited access to me. One of the top consultants, trainer and importer and exporters in the industry. That is invaluable for you!


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