Indian Import Export

Indian Import Export

Indian Import Export Agents Success Stories


Whether you are looking at or importing and exporting goods from anywhere else in the world, this is a lucrative business.

Let’s be clear, there are success stories from all around the world from Indian import export agents, Asian import export agents, American, Australian, in fact you name the country and you’ll find a success story, however before you jump into this business blindly, you must educate yourself on what you have to do and how you have to do it. This is a business just as full of red tape and paperwork as it is of exciting and weird products and countries.

So, get yourself educated as Indian Import Export business owners are doing before starting one and make sure you know what you need to do to increase the likelihood that you’ll be one of the hundreds of thousands of success stories like those stories from Indian Import Export agents.

There are millions of products in the market place and you’ll find that a huge percentage have been either imported or exported, so where can you start?

The First Step for an Indian Import Export Business

Obviously the first step is marketing, and the first step there is market research as starter of an Indian Import Export business owners. Work out who you want to sell to, find yourself a hungry in fact insatiable market and look for what they are looking for. How do you find them, our great friend Google is always a great first step or if you prefer a more hands on approach, go to your local news agency and look at the sections bulging with publications, let’s face it, no one will bother with a magazine if there isn’t a huge highly motivated audience, have a look at the technology, photography and scrap booking sections.

Once you know who you’re selling to and you’ve worked out what you want to sell, you will need to find your manufacturer, countries like India, China, and Korea are a great starting point as the cost of goods and labor is much lower than other countries, but once again with our friend Google you will be able to choose suppliers from anywhere in the world.

Indian Import Export Must Remember this Legal Requirements

If you are trading from other countries, you must learn all about licensing and other legal requirements. Customs brokers/ Indian import export agents are a great starting point, and whether you choose to use one to do your work for you, or you just get some information from the, either way they are a great resource. Remember if you’re thinking about high risk products like chemicals, liquor, pharmaceuticals etc, there are strict licensing requirements and piles of red tape, however products like consumer goods can be traded easily and with no risk.

Only 10 years ago advertising was a huge cost for any new business, these days with the internet you are able to advertise your products in very cost effective ways, so go online and have a look at what your competitors are doing and either talk to some people, do a few courses yourself or hire someone to make sure your online marketing is as effective as possible.

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