Import Export Course

Import Export Course

Import Export Course

So you are looking for an Import Export Course to help you with your import export business?

Import Export Course is offered to some of your prestigious university. Check the schools import export Course offered and try to do research first if the school offers the high level of competencies of the educators on import export course.

This import export course is quiet expensive career and please go on reading this article before deciding to avail this import export course for your business.

To cut to the chase, an article can in now way give you as much information as a full import export course, but, I can help to give you a few tips that will help you in your research and to start you on the road of self-education before having this full Import Export Course.

What we have here is a tick list for you to tick off which will help you advance your business quickly without having to do a full import export course:


Market Research – Target Market

Here, I’m talking about the group of consumers you want to sell to. This is very important research, you are looking for a group who have an insatiable appetite for products specific to their needs eg. Golfers, parents, engaged couples, technology ‘geeks’, pet owners. i.e. high demand groups.

These groups love to have the latest ‘thing’ they are always looking for something innovative and effective that will help them with their game, family, wedding or ‘stuff’.

These are people who are happy to spend money and will continue to have Import Export Course so because of their passion for their interest.

So how do you find these insatiable consumers? Simple, internet and your local big newsagent.

On the internet, it’s simple to do keyword searches and see how many people are searching for the category you think will be of interest to you. If your search uncovers that less than 100 people are searching for your keyword every month, then you are clearly better off spending your time and energy on an area where there are 50,000 people searching every month.

In the news agency, have a look at the shelves and you may be surprised at the number of parenting, quilting, scrap booking, photography, computer magazines there are.

Believe me if there are numerous publications on a subject it means there is demand, there is a market of insatiable consumers. It’s also a great place to get some ideas on what people are buying in these markets, you can then test your results on the internet to get a better idea of actual numbers of people who are in the market for these items.

Market Research – Product

There are so many ways to do your product research here, I’ll list a few:

Back to the newsagent, have a look in the more popular magazines which are relevant to your market and have a look at what is being advertised.

Internet – type the product name into the search engine and see what comes up, take some time to have a look at the Google Ads that come up and you will see what other people are selling.

There are import export course offered online for the benefits of all people wants to avail learning on this area.

Attend product trade fairs, in most major cities in the world there are annual trade fairs for people selling products in all the appropriate markets. If you’re interested in traveling, there are international trade fairs in China, Thailand and Indonesia and once again, if you search online you will find more.

These trade fairs are attended by manufacturers and distributors of hundreds and thousands of products (in China at least), and they are there to find people to on-sell their products, in effect, they are looking for you.

Now is the time to set up your business, decide whether it’s most appropriate for you to start your business as a sole trader or whether to find a partner, or go straight to company status.

It is worthwhile finding an accountant or attorney experienced with working with small business owners who can give you the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Set up your office.

If you’re doing this from home, you’ll need a quiet space to work in, remember you’ll be making and receiving overseas calls which may be at unusual times of the day and night, so take that into consideration. An office in the bedroom may be OK if you’re single but, as my husband says “happy wife, happy life”, so if you’re not single a separate office may be a great idea.

If you are planning on working outside the home, decide whether you will be storing products or having them distributed directly from the manufacturer, before you choose your work space.

Whether you are at home or in an office space, you will need, basic office furniture, reliable fast speed internet connection, computer, printer, fax, telephone, Skype is an excellent downloadable VOIP system which will help you contain all phone costs.

Contact some local Customs brokers and ask them questions related to the steps involved in importing or exporting to your countries of choice.

Go online and search for local country regulations through the customs websites.

Remember each country has different regulations. A great way to manage this is simply to have a checklist for each country and tick it off as you go along.

Decide whether you will be importing, exporting or both.

Find out about potential grants that may be available to you have a look at the following sites: (small business assoc), (federal grants programs)

If necessary organize start up finance. Aside from asking family and friends, you can also look at low-rate credit cards, business bank loans, small business associate loans, working capital financing for exporters and venture capital. Have a look at to get some more ideas.

Obtain a financial recording system.

Set up a website.
Start by looking at your competitors websites, if your tech, web savvy you can find online products that will help you create your own site or you can post a job on sites like and have a professional do it for you at very reasonable rates.

If you sell on your website, you can either buy credit card processing
software which allows you to charge customers for their purchases online
or you can set up an account with a credit card processor who will set you
up to accept payments online. Take a look at at, NPS Global at and WorldPay at

You should also check out PayPal, an eBay Company. This service allows any individual or business with an e-mail address to send and receive payments online. For more information see

Finalize your paperwork for permits fees etc.

Prepare for your first buying trip

Please note, this is not a full import export course, but following these steps will help you in your import export business.

So if you are looking for more information about Import Export Course or you want to know the ins and outs of running an import export business then go to and claim your free report.

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