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Outsourcing Help

Use OutSourcing Help to Grow Your Business

When you hear the terms, `import` and `export` you may think of products only. In today`s market, these terms mean more than just foreign goods and merchandise. The outsourcing of business services is a growing trend in many industries. While you can save money and time by outsourcing services overseas, you`ll need to research providers and look at your own business first to avoid costly mistakes.

Outsourcing Services

The first step to finding the right service provider for your business is discovering which services your business can export. Look at the services your employees currently handle, the total number of employees assigned to a specific task and the way your business runs internally.

You need to find the balance between cost and efficiency. For example, if you have six employees providing phone customer service and you can replace those employees with an outsourced service at a fraction of the cost with no impact on quality, the export of customer call support is a possible option for you. However, if you only have one person who provides support and does other work as well, outsourcing may not provide you with any benefits.

Import Export Companies export various services. Some outsourcing providers specialize in customer service, such as customer support call centers and online instant help. Other companies focus on internet technology tasks, including remote computer assistance and network security.

Many outsourcing providers offer basic clerical services designed to free your employees` time. If your employees spend less time doing routine tasks, they can focus on the primary jobs you`re paying them to do.

Some outsourcing providers may have other, less common services available. For example, some overseas outsourcing service companies offer document and telephone conversation translation and billing support. Look at the available services to help you decide what would work in your business and save employees` time.

Outsourcing Providers

After you`ve decided which services to import and export, you`ll have to find an overseas outsourcing service provider. Quality is as vital as price when you`re looking at services to import. If you outsource customer call support to an overseas business that doesn`t provide the same level of service your employees did, you will lose customers and may damage your company`s reputation.

Make a list of all the overseas providers you`re considering and compare prices for the services you need. Once you narrow down your list based on what you can afford to pay, check the reputation of each provider. You`ll need to contact each provider and ask for referrals from other clients. Check each provider with your local Better Business Bureau. Even though these are overseas providers, you may find reports for the company on file with the BBB from current and former clients.

Schedule a meeting with each service provider. Ask about the company`s track record, experience level and the employees` skill levels. If you notice signs of any potential problems, such as emails you receive from a provider that are written in poor English, cross that provider off your list.

Many providers, because of access to online education, such as online colleges, have employees who speak English without a problem. If you have communication from the provider that indicates otherwise, you`ll need to move on to another company, as poor English will frustrate your customers. Research is crucial when using an outsourcing  service provider. The import and export of business services can benefit your company immensely if you take the time to evaluate your choices and the feasibility of using such outsourcing services in your business.

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