Are You Ready To Start A Wildly Successful Import/Export Businesses
“Then Stop Procrastinating and Take Control Of Your Financial Future”

Fellow Action Taker Entrepreneur,

Are you sick and tired of searching for businesses that don’t work, where you don’t get enough support and you certainly don’t make any money?…..

If you are, then your search for a business that you can do, one that gives you the support and one that can make your fortune stops here….

The Import Export Business provides the highest profit margins in the world and this is why people are quickly and silently getting rich in this business right under your nose…… And the funny thing is, you don’t even know it’s happening…..

The Import Export community is a very secret community and they really don’t want me to be doing what I am about to do. They would prefer that I just go about my business and not share my knowledge with anyone.

The import export business has been around since the beginning of time The biggest problem you have is finding someone that will guide you with confidence and knowledge

This is a closed community and only a few people get to see behind the doors of what is really possible as there are only a handful of us that are prepared to teach you.

Did You Know That Most People Don’t Start A Business Due To Fear

I  often hear people say …

  • I Don’t Have Enough Money
  • I Don’t Have Enough Time
  • I Don’t Have The Right Guidance

Each and every time I hear these excuses I know that person is scared and they are allowing their fears to control their lives.

I want to help remove some of these fears:

Did you Know ?
You Can Actually Get Started With Less Than $50 Dollars To Your Name (and most strategies actually allow you to leverage other peoples money… more on that later…)
  • Once You Set Up Ongoing Deals You Can Work  As Little As 2-3 Hours A Week And Still Make Huge Profits
  • The Profit Margins In This Business Are The Highest of Any Business … (This is one of the main reasons you can make so much money with importing and exporting. It’s the Unfair Advantage and it’s what other importers don’t want me telling you!)
  • You Can Run This Business From Home or From Any Where In the World… This Business Will Give You The Lifestyle That Most Only Dream Of (You work the hours you want and you are free to do the things you want to do when you want to do them!)
  • This business provides more leverage for the average person than any I have seen. Once you have worked out how to ship one container there is nothing stopping you shipping 5 or 10 containers and continuing to grow from there.
  • Once you make contact with the right people your business will explode! You will quickly become part of the Import Export Community and with this will come great opportunity. This is a very closed community but once you are in, you are in and this gives you an unfair advantage that cannot be matched.
  • Everything you do builds upon your past successes and every contact you make opens more doors for greater growth. Growth becomes exponential as you continue to build from your existing base. I liken it to building a property portfolio because every contact you create will continue to pay you for years to come. You do the work once and get paid over and over

I’ve Helped *HUNDREDS* Of People Create Highly Successful Import/Export Businesses!

Here Are Just A Few Of Them…

How Viable Is This Business!

Did you know that in the USA alone 1.3 trillion dollars is made each year in this business? Source: U.S. Department of Commerce

There is over 6.2 Trillion Dollars traded each year on a global basis. Do you think there is some room for you to make some money?

Here’s Six Great Reasons Why Most People Start Their Own Import Export Business…..

1. Personal Freedom They want a business that isn’t tied to any particular location. You can literally choose to run your business from wherever you want. This truly is an international business, and you can take it with you anywhere. Forget the 9 to 5 tied-to-the-office slog, forget the stressful traffic battles and snarls, you can pick your own office hours and pick up and move your business very easily to suit your own lifestyle and plans.

2. Flexibility and Longevity The markets for International trade are virtually endless. You’re not stuck with just offering one type of business or service to your customers: once you are armed with the knowledge and understanding to be a successful international trader, “the world is your oyster”. While many businesses feel the pinch of the economic climate and are trapped by their product, you can adapt quickly and take up new profitable markets while they’re still scratching their heads.

3. Unlimited Wealth  If you start as an agent, you’ll get paid a 5-10% commission when you make a sale (this is a great way to get started). Once you start Importing and Exporting directly your profits can be from 50% – 2000% and more, so your potential for getting wealthy increases dramatically. Your objective is to create ongoing deals with suppliers and buyers so you get ongoing orders month after month which will build to what ever level you want.

4. A Dream Lifestyle Now that you own an import/export business that can operate anywhere in the world, your business can suit your lifestyle. Want to live near the beach in summer and hit the slopes whenever you want in the winter? Sure you can. Or how about creating opportunities for your family to experience other cultures and be world citizens? As an international trader you’ll have an independent lifestyle and have the choice to live how and where you want.

5. Massive Opportunity It can be hard for manufacturers to break into overseas markets, because of their lack of understanding and because it’s usually cheaper for them to hire an agent. This is where you come in. And with such a huge range of manufacturers not exporting, you’ll have virtually minimal competition – because there are far more manufacturers than there are agents.

6. Simplicity You’ll finally have a business that is easy to run and requires no special skills. There really are no restrictions on your age, background, nationality or sex. You’ll just need to be a pro-active person who can see the “possibilities.” You won’t need sales, warehouse or admin staff (or the hassles that go with hiring and firing), it doesn’t require large premises, leases or showrooms, doesn’t require huge capital investments or huge risks. In fact, most people run their business part-time from home!

If YOU follow what I teach you in my trainings you will be on your way to success..

I’ve been in the import export game for over 35 years…

I’ve encountered almost every situation, problem and pitfall you could ever experience when importing/exporting so I have the knowledge, know-how and experience that others simply CANNOT match…

I have done business in 26 different countries…

Not only that, but I’ve helped HUNDREDS of other people ALL over the world create their very own successful import/export businesses

If you would like to get the same information and support that has helped them to be successful then take this opportunity now to join our Private Members Training Area while we are still accepting members….

Let me run through what you will find in the members area…….

The Import Export Private Members Area

The Import Export Private Members Area gives you a COMPLETE BLUEPRINT for building your very own wildly successful import/export business…

I literally give you access to EVERYTHING I have learnt in the 35 years I have been in business…

I spent over TWO years putting the program together and I can say with complete confidence… that this is…

The Single Most Complete And In-Depth Resource You Will Ever Find

Here’s What You Will Find Behind The Curtain:


The Ultimate Training Guide

This Ultimate Join the Dots Training Guide is a Compilation Of 35 Years of Experience

This is the ‘Holy Grail’

I give you the STEP-BY-STEP carbon-copy blueprint of the formula that has made me millions of dollars.

This training is responsible for helping HUNDREDS of people all over the world create wildly successful import/export businesses…

It is a whopping 259 pages long and jam packed with practical, actionable advice that you can implement right away so you can start seeing results INSTANTLY!

Here’s A ‘Sneak-Peek’ Of What You’ll Get Inside:

  • A complete STEP-BY-STEP SUCCESS guide to making huge money in the import/export game… I show you the ins and outs of this business… how to succeed in it… and exactly what to avoid so you can start making profits as fast as possible!
  • The quickest and easiest way to make money importing and exporting… if there was ONE single method I could teach you to make extremely good money in this business and make it quickly… it would be THIS specific method… and why? Because it’s very easy to do… and you can get paid BEFORE you even begin! (as you’ll see)
  • A sneaky yet completely legal way to avoid losing money from currency fluctuation… importers and exporters lose millions of dollars every year from currency fluctuations but I teach you a powerful method to avoid this!
  • What NEVER to do when getting a customs permit…
  • TOP SECRET: My personal product sourcing list I use to acquire products for as much as 90% off WHOLSALE price… (yes, not consumer price, but wholesale price!) I show you where you can get almost any product you can think of… and at DIRT-CHEAP prices!
  • The 4-Step “Evaluator” method— that unearths hungry under-exploited markets DESPERATE for certain products… FILL THE VOID! Bring the products to the market and make big money doing it.
  • How to pick a winning product… EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
  • My “Unfair Deal” formula… that puts you in the driving seat when it comes to negotiating your deals… I show you EXACTLY what to do in a simple step-by-step format so you can negotiate almost unfair deals in your favour!
  • How to sound like you’ve been importing and exporting for years… PLUS! …how to instantly improve your corporate image and generate massive credibility… even if you’ve only been at it for a week!
  • 7 Critically Important Factors YOU MUST have sorted before you start exporting product… PLUS! a handy worksheet you can use to find out exactly in what countries you will make the most profit exporting your product!
  • What to NEVER say on the home page of your businesses’ website…
  • A sneaky trick you can use to save HUGE money with transport… PLUS! …Use this simple table to discover which method of transport is BEST for your particular situation in an instant!
  • WARNING: I explain THREE essential protection strategies that you ABSOLUTELY must understand in case your shipment gets in trouble!
  • When potential clients see this, they run– what address NOT to include on your business stationery.


VALUE: $297

10 Hours Of Instructional Video

This Video Training Is the Heart of Your Training

  • This mind-blowing Video Training is packed with 10 hours of me taking you by the hand step by step in what you need to do to get everything running properly
  • I reveal secrets to making millions of dollars in the import/export business that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • You will learn EVERYTHING you need to get started right away… as I lay it out for you step by step …
  • Whether you are a complete novice or if you already have some import-export experience you will have all your questions answered and you will feel confident to get started with import-export after watching these 10 hours of video.
  • This is the “Holy Grail” of your import-export training program, that you can watch at your own leisure (rewind and pause at your convenience), dwell over the bits you still need to learn and fast forward the bits you already know.
VALUE: $497



Bonus #1


(Limited Time: This won’t last for ever so if you’re serious act fast!)

How would you like access to someone who has been in the game for 35 years and made MILLIONS of dollars from it…?

I can tell you right now that NONE of my competitors can offer you what I am offering you right now…

None of them are as committed as I am to helping you succeed.

You get complete access to me! I will be able to help you with almost ANY problem you are facing… as well as advising you on where you should be heading…

Once you join the members area I will give you me email and phone number so if you have any questions you can just contact me and I will answer them for you.

This bonus alone is worth 10x what I am charging for the entire program.




Bonus #2

Marketing Training

Being able to effectively market your products is one of the single most important elements in the import/export business.

Once you are in possession of your products you need to be able to move them into the hands of your customers as quickly as possible.

This training program will teach you the most powerful yet cost effective marketing methods and strategies that are available today…

You will learn how to sell your product like crazy, even when the economy is doing poorly… get this right and you will do very well for yourself.


VALUE: $297




Bonus #3

Building Wealth Through Licensing

If you are looking for one of the quickest and easiest ways to make quick money then I highly recommend you learn how to license products!

Mal Emery “The Millionaire Maker” will teach you how to find a killer product, get the marketing rights to it and have it on the market making you money in an instant!


Value: $47



Bonus #4

Getting Started… FAST!

In this special audio I give you a STEP-BY-STEP formula for getting started in the easiest, fastest way possible…

The advantage you get, is that I show you how to avoid all the frustrations I faced when I started… you won’t have to go through the pain I went through to learn everything I needed to succeed…

Everything is mapped out for you so you can start profiting as soon as possible!

THIS is where you should start!


Value: $47



Bonus #5

Risk Minimization

Though this business will help you become wealthy very quickly… it can also be a very dangerous place if you do not know what you are doing (but lucky you have me!)

In this training I show you the steps you need to take to minimize and in most cases COMPLETELY eliminate your risk and exposure in the marketplace…

Making sure you are properly protected is VITAL.

Make sure you DO NOT over look the information as it is vital to your success.


VALUE: $47 (Could Save You potentially THOUSANDS)



Bonus #6

Case Study: Aaron Williams

In this closed door audio interview you are introduced to a young entrepreneur; Aaron Williams…

Aaron shows you how he discovered a unique product that has had ENORMOUS worldwide success…

He shows you how you can do the same!

The best way to learn is to learn from others who are wildly successful in the area you want to be successful in… this interview is exactly what you need to hear to show you just what’s possible in this business!


VALUE: $47



Bonus #7

Complete eBay Training Program

In these step by step instructional videos you will learn everything you need to know to make BIG money from eBay…

eBay is perfect in this business as a lot of your product can be sold via eBay…

You will learn how to use it effectively as a tool for selling your products, testing markets and generating leads…

You will learn which markets do EXTREMELY well on eBay and which do not…

I can tell you from personal experience that eBay is the single most cost effective way to test whether or not a product will do well… and I still use it TO THIS DAY to test products in terms of marketability…

This bonus is currently being sold for $297 as a standalone product but I have added it to the ‘Import Export Home Study’ program at NO cost to you!


Value: $297



Bonus #8

USA Border Regulations and Compliance

The USA, as one of the largest importers and exporters in the world has it’s own specific border regulations and compliance issues that must be addressed

This training will teach you all you need to know so you can smoothly get your product into the USA without any hick-ups

Having a product seized at the port and held for weeks or months is the last thing you want So you need to make sure you know the border and compliance requirements before you ship your product.

Value: $97




Before You Get Started In Importing and Exporting There Are 10 Key Concepts That You Must Understand
  • Business and Pre Planning: The knowledge to decide how you want to play the game of import and export. Do you want to be an Import Export Agent or are you going to deal direct with your own products? You need to start with the end in mind. I will guide you in making the right decision for you.
  • Market Analysis: Understanding how to analyze a market and decide if a product is going to be viable or not. If you choose the wrong market it doesn’t mater how good you are at importing and exporting you won’t make money. I will show you how to analyze a market so you get this right.
  • Product Sourcing: You need to know where to source your products at the best prices with the lowest amount of risk. I will teach you how to do this over the Internet and by phone as well as on the ground if you like to travel.
  • Terminology: You must have a good understanding of all the terminology and international freight codes. It is a new language and you must learn it. The great thing is that it is international so once you learn it, you know it, and it is used everywhere you go. You want to be a part of this community then you need to learn their language and speak it well so they know you belong.
  • Negotiation: Skilled negotiators always get the best deal. Notice I said the best deal and not just the best price. The overall deal is made up of many components that when you understand this, it will allow you to always get the best deal. Have you heard the expression “You Don’t Have to Win Every Battle to Win the War” This is true with Import and Export.
  • Freight: You must understand freight and learn the most cost effective ways of moving your products not just the cost of shipping but also the opportunity cost of one form of freight over another. You may think airfreight is expensive but if you can have your product on the ground and be selling it in a few days you may find you return on investment (ROI) is better even though the cost of freight is higher. I will show you how to calculate this.
  • Marketing: You must know how to develop your marketing channels so you can move your products quickly and easily from container to customer. I have included some of the best direct sales and marketing material with templates that are plug and play winning marketing campaigns for you to use.
  • Web Sales: It is too big to be ignored and for some people it is the only way they market. eBay is a great marketing channel. It is not only a great place to sell your products but also a great place to test your market before you invest heavily in stock. It is also a great place to generate customers for little or no cost. (I have included a full eBay instructional training program to make sure you become a master in that area)
  • Risk Management: As with any business there are risks that need to be assessed and managed. You must have a risk minimization strategy in place and you must have a plan in place for what to do incase something does go wrong. This also includes identifying fraudulent suppliers and buyers so you don’t deal with them.
  • Cash Flow Management: When you start importing and exporting your own products you must understand cash flow management. It is really interesting when you think that the time that a company is most vulnerable to cash flow problems is when they are growing fast. Understanding this will allow you to grow consistently and strongly with good cash flow.
Here Are A Few Things That Our Students Said About My Training That May Help You Decide If The Import Export Private Members Training Is Right For You

“You Can’t Fudge Experience”!

– Nothing can take the place of experience other than someone else’s experience. I challenge you to find someone that has the diversity of experience that I have. You’ll directly benefit from 35 years of hands on experience in international trade which means that you don’t need to make all the mistakes that I made along the way.

“The Training is Easy To Understand”!

: All the material is presented in such a way that it builds on prior knowledge. It is like taking you on a journey with solid examples that give you real life experience that you can learn from. Everything has been set out with you the student in mind, my objective is always to help you to learn faster.

“It’s Totally Comprehensive”

– This is without question one of the most comprehensive training programs on the market that covers not just the skills of importing and exporting but all the necessary components to guarantee that you can run a successful business and enjoy the lifestyle that you want to live.

“It’s Is The Best Value I Found”:

For $US 497.00 you will not find another program that covers so much material in such a comprehensive way as this program. I have jammed everything you need to know in this program so there is nothing else you will need. I have had many students say how they had just wasted their money with other programs because they only cover a small piece of the puzzle or they didn’t give enough detail or there was no ongoing support. When you consider the profit potential of import and export the cost of this program is nothing. This program will change your life and lifestyle forever. (In fact we are planning to double the cost of the program so if you are serious get it now while this discounted price lasts)

“I Get You As My Mentor”!:

Once you get this program you don’t only get access to the members area and all the training you also get my ongoing Support and Mentorship. If you have any questions just contact me directly and I will give you the answer. I have companies that pay me large hourly fees for my consulting so please don’t take this for granted.As one of my students said you are not just getting a training program you are also becoming part of our support network.

This is The Life Changing Information You Will Get When You Join Us!


Product RealValue Gold Silver Bronze
The Ultimate Training Guide $297.00
10 Hours of Instructional Training Videos $497.00
Bonus 1: Personal 1 on 1 Consulting with Lance  $1000.00
Bonus 2: Building Wealth Through Licensing $47.00
Bonus 3: Marketing Instructions Training $197.00
Bonus 4:Getting Started Right Audio $47.00
Bonus 5:Risk Minimization Audio $47.00
Bonus 6:Case Study Interview Aaron $47.00

Total Value
Your Price



Waiting for You In The Members Area Right Now!!

Real Value

Your Price

The Ultimate Training Guide $297.00 $297.00
10 Hours of Instructional Training Videos $497.00 $200.00
Bonus 1: Personal 1 on 1 Consulting with Lance  $1000.00 Included
Bonus 2: Building Wealth Through Licensing $47.00 Included
Bonus 3: Marketing Instructions Training $197.00 Included
Bonus 4:Getting Started Right Audio $47.00 Included
Bonus 5:Risk Minimization Audio $47.00 Included
Bonus 6:Case Study Interview Aaron $47.00 Included
Bonus 7:Ebay Instructional Training Videos $297.00 Included
Bonus 8:USA Boarder Control Regulations $97.00 Included
TOTAL VALUE $2497.00

To get instant access to the private members area you only need to invest $497…

You will also be pleasantly surprised by some of the other bonuses I have put in the members area for you… So act now if you are ready to get started.

Our 30/60/90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I want to make sure there is ABSOLUTELY NO risk on you when get access to the Import Export Members Only Training

I am so confident that you will agree the training is excellent (like HUNDREDS of other people all over the world!)…that I am happy to offer  a full 100% Money Back Guarantee.

So if in the unlikely event you are unhappy with the training for any reason just email me and I will give you a full no questions asked refund.


That’s how confident I am that you will be blown away with our members only training!


Lance Scoular

So If You’re Finished Searching for Other Business That Have Lead To Dead Ends and You Are Ready to Start A Business That Ticks All Your Boxes

A business that can really create the life and lifestyle you want and deserve….
Then it is time for you to take action<
Imagine yourself in a few weeks or a year from now…

Are you still stuck in your dead-end job, still not making the kind of money you want to make… living a pretty dull and almost boring life…


Are you free to do the things you want… making enough money to acquire the things you want… living a stress free life… and working the hours you want to work…

As I’ve said before…

I’ve helped HUNDREDS of other people create this dream lifestyle that most will never achieve and I can help you to do the same it just needs for you to take action in the right direction …

The Members Area will not be open for ever and once we reach our student quota we will shut the doors and it will be impossible to join. So if you are serious it’s time to act now while the doors are open...



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Lance Scoular

P.S. Please remember when you join our Private Members Area you will have access to me by email and phone to answer all your questions. I look forward to guiding you in building a successful Import Export Business!

P.P.S. We only have a limited number of spaces in our Private Members Area so if you are going to make a decision it would be better to do it sooner rather than later to avoid any disappointment.