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Hello, I’m Lance Scoular.

For over 35 years I have been quietly making vast sums of money with my own Import Export Businesses and for the last 10 years I have been teaching people how to make big money as import export business owners. I use a series of methods that are so simple, you can literally put them to use as soon as you learn them.

Over the years I’ve coached people just like you to build very successful Import Export Businesses that have allowed their dreams to come true. I’ve helped them to build solid financial futures that allow them to sleep well at night because they know they will never be short of cash again.

They’ll never again have the credit card companies sending them nasty letters and they’ll never have to think about foreclosing on their house or having their car repossessed. All these worries are no longer a part of their thinking. You too can rid yourself of these unneeded stresses and live with the security of knowing that you have a vehicle that will always make you money. Isn’t that a better way to live?

I want to show you how to get your fair share of the millions available from your own Import Export Business

In fact, becoming an import export agent is one of the easiest ways to get rich in America and for that matter anywhere in the world today!

Anyone can do it! And, if they can do it, you can too. It doesn’t take any advanced education. Unlike becoming a doctor or accountant, which takes years of special schooling, you are ready to do this, right now. And the potential is this: You can easily make more than your average doctor or accountant!

Starting your own Import Export business has all the features of a easy-to-do, home based money making system.

And the best thing is ….
You can get started in your spare time with very little or even NO Money!

Some of the perks of the Import Export Business are !

  • You get to make lots of money from this enormous industry that most people don’t even know about.
  • Your basic start up equipment is an internet connection and computer.
  • You can start part-time and later you can expand to full time if and when you’re ready.
  • You get to work your own hours and to be your own boss. “I hope you like your boss!”

import export business course

In fact, it is one of the few businesses where you can start with nothing and build it to the point where you have a very profitable, hands-off business that makes you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

One of the great things I love about International Trade is that you can do it from anywhere in the world. You choose the products you want to work with. If you’ve got some interest (a hobby) in certain products or niches, then that’s generally a great place to start. Why? Because you already have some knowledge of the product, so you’ll be interested and jazzed up about working with it!

It’s one of the few businesses where you can truly get your life back. NO BOSS. And not only that, there are really no restrictions on where you have to live. You see most traditional businesses tie you to one place — but not the import export business.



As Your Own Boss You Call All
The Shots

 This means that you decide when you work and when you play!

One of the biggest benefits is the experience of total freedom and the excitement of living life on your terms.

If you decide you want to live in another part of the world for longer than just a vacation, then you can do it! Just set up your small office (basically a phone and a computer) and you are good to go.

You see, once you’ve learnt the basics of the Import Business or Export Business, you’ll be able to do it from anywhere in the world. And the skills you learn you’ll have and use forever.

That’s a critical difference between going back to school to further your education for your “job” (J.O. B. – means “just over broke!”) and working for yourself! Learning more for your job is always going to help your boss more than it will help you.

STOP working so hard… making money for your boss who doesn’t care about you!



With Your Import Export Business You’ll Never Again Fear Being Downsized

Importing and exporting is never going to stop as the “world marketplace” will always continue to trade. It’s always made money for the people that have known how to use it — You can now be one of these people who know the secrets of world trade. In fact, now is actually better than ever as  there is a critical shortage of experienced import export agents right now!

Even in these tough economic times, most businesses do not have their own import or export agents and wish they did!

All you need is the right training so you can take advantage of this in-demand position that is staring you in the face.

New Trade agreements between China, India, South America and hundreds of countries around the world means that there are billions of dollars of product moving each month between these countries. So what you’re probably wondering now is how do YOU get a piece of that action?

If you really want to know how start an import business or an export business  then put your name and email address in the box above and get a copy of our free report that will give you a clear picture of what this is all about. After you read this report you will know if this business if right for you.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Work With Local Manufacturers Who Don’t Export?

If you already have a product in mind then you are in the right place.

I can help you with your marketing needs. Once you sign up to be coached by me I can help you research and verify your product’s viability. We’ll discuss if the product is likely to make you money before you go investing any time in your project. This is one of the biggest mistakes new people make when they get started.

They first choose the product before doing research on the amount of demand in the marketplace. (By doing this new agents are putting the cart before the horse.)

It just makes common sense to make sure that your product is in demand, and can be sourced at a good price that will make you the most profit. I’m sure you’ll agree with that. The sticky part is… having the “insider information to knowing if a product is profitable to market or not.” And how to get that product sourced, or produced, moved and sold.

I’m going to show you how to evaluate the market for your product and make sure that you always pick winners. Plus I’ll share “my insider trading secrets with my sources and contacts” in the countries you want to do business with.

If you don’t have a product in mind, we can work together to find one.

I will show you how to do thorough market analysis and research, how to identify an in-demand product with a high enough margin so you can make good money on it.  I’ll coach you to make sure your product is “not a competitor saturated product market”. We’ll go over everything you need to know to get it from the manufacturer to the consumer.

It just doesn’t get any simpler than that!

Should I Choose a Product First or Find a Market That Interests Me First ?

This is your golden opportunity because most local manufactures haven’t tapped into the export market.

You are probably thinking why haven’t they ?

First, the reality is most local manufacturers don’t know where to start.  And second, they are just so busy running their business that it really hasn’t even been a consideration. Can you see where there is a ‘big hole’ in their thinking?

Once you develop your import export skills and have some experience you can easily offer your services to help these local businesses open new international markets. The fact is —they will pay you handsomely for helping them!

There are fortunes to be made. And one way to make them is to help your local manufacturers develop an international presence — they will love you for it. All this comes with no money or risk to you.

All it takes is some of your spare time to be trained to do it.

As an Import Export Agent — all the financial transactions are paid for by the manufacturer. The Freight chargers, Freight Forwarders, Insurances, Customs and even your marketing to find trade leads can be paid for by the manufacturer. You take NO RISK. But you get to profit from every transaction now and into the future!

So why is there so much money in this industry?

One of the reasons there is so much profit in the import export business is because the profit margins are so huge.

Think of it this way… When you buy a product for 30 cents and sell it for $2.00 you can see how these incredibly high profit margins can make you very rich, very quickly.

Here’s an example:

Do you know how much it costs for Nike to make a running shoe….. Less than $10.00 total cost, and how much do they sell them for….. $120-$200. That’s where the real money is. Now are you ready to find out more? You bet you are!

As an import export agent you make a significant amount of money, with no risk, and easily can get started in your spare time!

Now do you see why importers and exporters make BIG MONEY?

The fact is, they have such big margins to work with that they can afford to make a few mistakes every now and then — and still make lots of money. 

You can get started, with little financial investment and just your spare time. Over 400 people just like you, have been coached by me to quickly and confidently start their own import export business. Many are financially free!


If I’m Ready to Get Started Building My Import Export Business What Do I Really Need To Get Started?

You can get started today, with just an Internet Connection — that’s really all you need.

In the past I would have said a telephone and a fax but now with Skype and virtual fax machines you can do everything through the internet. With Skype and a laptop your office can be anywhere you choose!

So Do I Really Need a Coach and Trainer to Help Me Get Started?

You could try to work it all out yourself, but that would be a very expensive and timely process. I’m sure you don’t have the time or money to waste playing the game of trial and error. Not when I’m here ready to teach you the shortcuts to your freedom.

I’ll show you exactly what you need to do so you can put all the pieces together quickly. That way you can start making money in the fastest possible way. Without a coach you could be struggling for years trying to work this out. What would you prefer to have 3 months from now? A business that is making money or a business that is still trying to work out which way is up?


Do I Really Need Your Free Report about making money in the import export business?…

I want to begin teaching you as soon as you are ready to get started and I want to send you, absolutely FREE, my concise report on “How to Get Started With Your Own Import Export Business.” Just put your name in the form at the top right of this page and I’ll send it straight to you.

It’ll open your eyes to the huge wealth building opportunity that exists all around you right now!

This Report will show you why the import export business is the most effective way to get rich today.

In The Free Report You Will Learn Why …….

  • It’s easy to do and you why you are perfectly positioned to do it now
  • You don’t need any of your own money to get started.
  • You don’t need to set up any fancy company structure and how you can get started of the kitchen table.
  • You don’t need an expensive college education and why that is probably a disadvantage in this business.
  • This is the perfect time to get started in the import export business


You May Be Surprised By What You Learn in This Report as My Methods are Simple Yet So Effective


I’ll reveal to you my “insider secrets” gleaned from over 35 years experience in the import export business experience! As they say “Nothing Takes the Place Of Experience”

Once you decide you want to be an import export agent we’ll then move on to some of the other things you will need to learn. Remember that I will be with you every step of the way as you build you knowledge and skill base to be a successful Importer or Exporter.

Some of The Other Things You Will Need to Learn Are

  • How to find and negotiate deals using other people’s money (not your own!)
  • How to find the right in demand and high profit margin products
  • How to choose the most cost effective freight methods for your product
  • What are the Incoterms 2010 and how to write them into your contract
  • How to find top quality suppliers that are reliable and honest
  • How to protect yourself against any unforeseen events
  • How to build a client base that will stay loyal for years to come
  • How to keep all your profits …. Tax Free…


This is your chance to gain all the import export business building knowledge you need. With my coaching you can easily avoid the costly mistakes and errors that other new import export agents and business owners make.

You’ll love the freedom of working for yourself and doing what you want, when you want.

You’ll be able to work from home as much or as little as you like. It’s all up to you!

When you work with me I’ll help you walk down the road to financial success!

So just sign up for the free report and let’s get started building your own Import Export Business Today!

I’m looking forward to helping you get started



Dedicated To Your Import Export Business Success

P. S. Remember, owning your own successful import export business will give you the freedom of being your own boss and allow you to live the lifestyle you truly deserve. And you can do it with little or no cash as the only investment is your free time.

P. P. S. I’m for a limited time offering my personal support and mentoring, so you’ll get  all the help and coaching you need on your path to success.

P. P. P. S. Remember to collect your free offer on this page on, “How to Get Started With Your Own Import Export Business” as it will open your eyes to a new world of possibility.


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